Opening A New Law Firm? 2 Tips To Grow Your Firm Faster

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If you are just opening a new law firm, it will take time to find clients and for your firm to grow. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help make your firm grow faster. Below are two of these things so you can decide what would work best for you.

Create a Website

A website is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. This is because many people go online in search of legal help as this makes it much easier for them. When searching for a website, most people will click on a link that comes up on the first page of the search results. Because of this, you need to make sure your site is one of those listed. 

Even if you currently have a website, you should hire a law firm website design service to create and design a website for you. This design service is knowledgeable about the best colors to use, where to place the information, and much more. You should have a contact link so people can directly send a message to your firm. 

The website design service should know search engine optimization (SEO). This is because this is what will get your website on the first page of the search results. You may be able to find a website design service that specifically works with law firms.

Use Social Media

Along with the website, you should also advertise on all or most social media sites. Many people get on these sites on a daily basis, so this works like free advertising for you. Create your own social media site also. On this site, you could list your website address, as well as other contact information. People can leave messages on the site. Make sure you reply to these people as soon as possible. This will help them feel like you want to take care of them which will increase the chances of them hiring you for legal help.

Include helpful advice on the social media site. For example, if you have mostly divorce cases, you could put information about divorce, such as the process of going through a divorce, problems you can run into, and much more. 

Look at the visitor numbers on your social media sites regularly. If you see that the numbers are not growing, you should consider hiring a social media expert to help you. 

There are many more ways you can grow your law firm, such as handing out your business card or putting your advertisement in a local newspaper.