5 Types Of Digital Content You Can Create For An E-Commerce Site

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E-commerce operators often struggle to devise compelling content that will drive sales. Many digital content creation service providers work from a list of basic ideas that they can expand upon. Here are 5 types of content that usually appear on their lists.

Product Introductions

Consumers frequently aren't quite sure what to make of specific products. The internet sometimes creates hesitation by overloading them with information. E-commerce digital content creation services firms try to lessen this tension by introducing folks to the basics of products.

Suppose a site sells wind- and solar-powered generators for consumers who care about emergency preparedness. A product introduction might tell them what the devices are, how to determine their likely effectiveness, and how to connect them to provide power for basic systems in a home. The goal is to make the consumer feel like they can make use of the product without much pain.

Best Of

People also often have trouble determining which products fit their needs. A "best of" article can help them make sense of which options represent the top, middle, and bottom tiers. A buyer will learn which brands fit in each tier, and then they can decide what fits their budget.


The process of purchasing a product can sometimes run backward. People frequently try to learn how to use a product before they commit to purchasing a specific one.

A company that sells flour to at-home bakers, for example, might help buyers learn about how protein content factors into their baking plans. Your digital content can help them figure out which flour is best for making cupcakes versus dough for New York-style pizzas.


Staging a weekly or monthly event is a great way to keep folks coming back. You might do a monthly liquidation sale, and you can accompany the event with a video showing off some of the great stuff on offer.

Lists for Special Occasions

Creating a list of products suited for a special occasion is a great way to keep people coming back to your site for advice. The holiday gift-buying guide is a classic content format that folks love. A computer parts site might offer lists for back-to-school, or a flower shop might provide a list of which combinations of flowers are appropriate for things like weddings or graduations. Digital content creation services focus on the value that customers need, and then they draw a line between that value and the products on an e-commerce site.

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