Seven Mistakes You Need To Avoid When You're Having A Video Made For Your Non-Profit

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Producing a video could be one of the best things you can do to publicize the efforts of your non-profit organization. However, there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid to maximize the success of your video production project.

The following are seven mistakes you need to avoid when you're having a video made for your non-profit. 

Failing to set clear goals at the beginning of the project

One of the number one things you need to do is set goals for your video project. What do you want your video to say? Who do you want your video to reach out to? Answering these basic questions will give you focus as you plan for and produce your video. 

Not putting enough research into your video

Research is key for any promotional video a non-profit video puts out. Your video shouldn't just stir up enthusiasm for your cause. It should also be informative and include a lot of hard facts and statistics. 

Creating a video with poor audio quality

These days, there is a tendency for those who make promotional videos to focus too much on image quality and not enough on audio quality.

However, good audio quality is essential if you want to keep your audience tuned in and get your message across. That's why it's important to invest in recording technology that will ensure high-quality audio for your video. 

Thinking you can get away with not having a script

Setting the time aside in the beginning to write a script will give you the highest chances of putting together a video of exceptional quality. You don't have to follow your script word for word, but you should at least have a loose outline prepared of the key points you'll go over during your video. 

Having no storyboard

A storyboard is distinct from a script, but it is an important part of planning a video. Your storyboard should include all of the ideas that your team puts together that you would like to have incorporated into your video. Storyboards are another organizational tool you can use to optimize video quality. 

Not putting music to good use

Don't overlook the power that music has to stir up an emotional response in your audience. Think about what music you can include that will support your message and appeal to those who will be particularly interested in your cause. 

Distributing your video through the wrong channels

Once you've made your video, you're just getting started. After your video is finished, you need to figure out how you're going to distribute your video to your audience. Make sure you research potential channels where you can release your video.

You want your video to get in front of audiences that will be the most interested and the most likely to react positively. That's why you need to research distribution channels carefully. 

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